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The increased emphasis on risk management by the Board, following the Walker Report and reaction to the financial crisis, is here to stay. The emphasis is upon increased governance of risk. The goal is to provide the opportunity for improved dialogue on risk issues with the executive based on an advanced understanding of constraints and limitations influencing business models and their implementation.

The Board should approve and monitor the overall business strategy of the bank, taking into account the bank’s long-term financial interests, its exposure to risk, and its ability to manage risk effectively; and Approve and oversee the implementation of the bank’s:

 - Overall risk strategy, including its risk tolerance / appetite;

 - Policies for risk, risk management and compliance;

 - Internal Controls System

 - Corporate Governance framework, principles and corporate values, including a code of conduct or comparable document; and

 - Compensation System”

"Principles for enhancing corporate governance" (October 2010) Basel Committee on Banking Supervision paragraph 22


The expert-led seminars are held in the City of London. The numbers of participants is limited to 10 delegates per seminar. The seminar is over two days; there is a week between each of the days.


These seminars are exclusively tailored to Non-Executive Directors of financial services firms. The sole objective is to transfer risk expertise to aspiring and current Non-Executive Directors to enhance the effectiveness of Board across the range of risk topics. A Non-Executive Director attending the seminatr will be equipped with the knowledge required in the following areas:

  • Major Risk Types and their interactions
  • Risk Governance
  • Risk Culture
  • Regulatory framework

Material is provided and the discussions are led by acknowledged experts. To learn more about the seminars and the next scheduled event please use the Contact Form.

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