Are you a Non-Executive Director at a financial institution?

The financial crisis has put risk management and its oversight under the spotlight. An expectation is that Non-Executive Directors will chair Board level committees on Risk Management and Compensation.

Regulatory requirements have increased in breadth and detail further increasing expectations of current and aspiring Non-Executive Directors.

It is only recently that these various factors have settled sufficiently to enable a means of easing this pressure to be developed. Easing the pressure can be done by transferring expertise from risk management specialists to individuals actively involved in Board and its committees. The focus is upon the business taking premeditated risks and not being ambushed by them later.

Alder Partners arranges small discrete seminars for current and aspiring Non-Executive directors addressing a syllabus of risk management topics.

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We are an organisation that provides discrete seminars on risk management topics for financial institutions.


We provide expert led seminars to aspiring and current Non-Executive Directors of financial institutions to enable them to acquire expertise on risk management topics.


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